Algernon Blackwood

afterward by
Cole Webb Harter


Drawing on Native American folklore and legends of the Western Frontier, Algernon Blackwood's 1910 novella The Wendigo recounts the eldritch experience of a moose-hunting party lost in the lonely wastes of western Ontario coming face-to-face with the titular creature. Fans of the later H.P. Lovecraft will notice some similarities in both style and substance.

The Wendigo possesses the greedy, the hungry, and the envious - a spirit of famine, scarcity, and selfishness. The Spirit of the Lonely Places - the deserted wilderness of America.

This chilling tale of man's helplessness against forces he cannot understand is sure to keep you guessing til the very end. And after all is said and done, we wonder which was the greater monster – the Wendigo, or the landscape itself?

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