38m 04s | STERO | COLOR | 1.33:1/1.85:1

Written + Directed by Cole Webb Harter
Producer: Meghan Woodard
Associate Producer: Elisabeth Perez
Director of Photography: Christian Cuevas
Edit: Thomas Herbold

Mary Flynn as Erzsabet
Jennifer McCall as Betty
Genesius Weaver as Sebastian
Veronica Rouly as Rori

Joseph Miller - The Detective
DeZell Lathon - Yuppie
Nathan Post - Laszlo
Ben Siemens - Sergeant
Veronica Argentieri - Officer Biafra

With Micha Addams as Honey
and Christopher Baab as Cptn. Zeno Anasazi al-Salaf
Featuring the Voice of Anna Livia Brady

1st Assistant Director: Archibald Turner
Sound: Sam Carts
Make-up + Wardrobe: Beth Drozda
Gaffer: Michael Uyehata
Best Boy: Isaac Toche
Production Designer: Lexi Lovetere
Set Decorator: Gillian Gould
Camera Operator: Nicolas Alayo
Assistant Editor: Xanax Portola
Production Assistant: David Perez

Production Photographer: Susana Duenas
Special Props Designed by Christopher Baab
Catering: Carol Harter

Automated Dialogue Replacement recorded at The TIny Studio, LA by Nathaniel Correon
Original Music by All American Earlobes

"He Aqui un Caballo Palido"
Music + Lyrics by All American Earlobes
Performed by Violetita

"The Sea Ran Red" music by CO.AG

"Sunset at the Pyramids" music by CO.AG

"Giant Wyrm" music by Kevin MacLeod

"He Aqui un Caballo Palido (Accoustic Version)"
Music + Lyrics by All American Earlobes
Performed by Elisabeth Perez

Carol & Rocky Harter
Mary Meronk
Yvonne Cocks & Larry Gebhart
Rory & Dana of Yucca and Ramona, respectively
The Santiago Retreat Center
John Paul the Great Catholic University
Hollywood Casting
Godfrey "Doc" Daniels - the Deuce of Clubs

ERZSABET AND THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY (C) 2021 by Cole Webb Harter and Meghan Fifelski is part of the Creative Commons and licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license.





2017 September - Screenplay completed.
2018 December 14-16 - Location scouting in Mohave County, AZ, Clark County, NV, and Amboy, CA.
2019 January 05 - Casting in Hollywood, CA.
2019 January 18-20 - Production (first weekend) in Mohave Valley and Yucca, AZ.
2019 January 25-27 - Production (second weekend) in Mohave Valley, AZ, Laughlin, NV, and Ramona, CA.
2020 March 11 - ADR completed in Los Angeles, CA.
2021 June 23 - Final Cut locked.
2021 November 13 - Cast & Crew premier Screening at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA.
2021 December 04 - Screening at the Mesa International Film Festival in Mesa, AZ.
2022 January 16 - Screening at Indie Film Night hosted by SoZo Coffee House in Chandler, AZ.