Fr. Ludovico Sinistrari

Fr. Ludovico Sinistrari was a 17th-century Franciscan priest and scholar whose main contributions were in the realm of moral theology and Roman Catholic Canon Law.

In Demoniality: Incubi and Succubi, he turns his attention to another burning question of his day: can human beings have sexual intercourse with demons? And if so, can they beget children with them? The answer, according to Sinistrari, is yes - but not how you think.

Though intended as a treatise on demonology, Fr. Sinistrari's work has immense explanatory power for the Strange Phenomena of our day, from UFOs to Cryptids to sleep paralysis.

Despite the salacious nature of the subject matter, Demoniality ranks with the work of John Keel and Erik Von Daniken while offering a uniquely Christian explanation of some of the High Strangeness people experience every day.

This new edition from Lonely Places features a corrected translation and professional formatting for ease-of-reading.

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