cole webb harter

In the late 1990s, gifted teenager Erzsebet Eszterhas and her friend Sebastian went missing without a trace, only to inexplicably reappear three years later. Haunted and physically disabled by her encounter with the powers of darkness, she retreats to a quiet and hidden life in rural southern California. Now, a decade later, she feels she has made peace with her traumatic past and accepted her life in exile. But far, far away on the opposite end of the Golden State, strange events threaten to shatter her uneasy repose and suck her back into the vortex of mysteries and shadows from which she fled.

The misty town of Crescent City, California rests on a foggy bay between the vast redwood forest and the Pacific Ocean, just south of the Oregon border. When Deputy Sheriff Perd Gorlsen's daughter Kimmy vanishes from a nearby State Park, neither state nor local authorities can turn up any sign of her. After weeks of frivolous searching, the long-lost Sebastian - now serving a stint at the Del Norte County Jail - convinces him to contact Erzsebet in a last ditch effort to rescue his daughter.

At first wishing only to reunite with her friend, Erzsebet travels north. But when someone begins making attacks on Erzsebet's life, she realizes there is more to the disappearance of Kimmy Gorlsen than meets the eye. As she reluctantly agrees to help Perd, Erzsebet delves into the secret history and folklore of the land of giants, discovering behind the child's disappearance a web of crime, espionage, secret societies, and black magick.

Propelled by curiosity and the call of destiny, Erzsebet must confront the ghosts of her own past as well as the ancient forces lurking in the dark heart of the Redwood Empire in time to save Kimmy from a fate worse than death.

"Cole Webb Harter has done something very, very interesting with The Land of The Giants. He's woven a complex and intriguing story which kept me guessing right up until the end. He's created characters that I had trouble putting into boxes, because they act like real human beings and not the rank-and-file occupants of many works of fiction. He's also tackled some real world issues in a way that is both believable, respectful and grounded in reality. I greatly admire any author that can incorporate heavy real world issues into a narrative without doing so in a ghoulish or exploitative way. Cole is such an author." - Aaron Deese, Paranormality Magazine

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fr. ludovico sinistrari
tr. isidore lisieux

Fr. Ludovico Sinistrari was a 17th-century Franciscan priest and scholar whose main contributions were in the realm of moral theology and Roman Catholic Canon Law.

In Demoniality: Incubi and Succubi, he turns his attention to another burning question of his day: can human beings have sexual intercourse with demons? And if so, can they beget children with them? The answer, according to Sinistrari, is yes - but not how you think.

Though intended as a treatise on demonology, Fr. Sinistrari's work has immense explanatory power for the Strange Phenomena of our day, from UFOs to Cryptids to sleep paralysis.

Despite the salacious nature of the subject matter, Demoniality ranks with the work of John Keel and Erik Von Däniken while offering a uniquely Christian explanation of some of the High Strangeness people experience every day.

This new edition from Lonely Places features a corrected translation and professional formatting for ease-of-reading.

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algernon blackwood
afterward by cole webb harter

Drawing on Native American folklore and legends of the Western Frontier, Algernon Blackwood's 1910 novella The Wendigo recounts the eldritch experience of a moose-hunting party lost in the lonely wastes of western Ontario coming face-to-face with the titular creature. Fans of the later H.P. Lovecraft will notice some similarities in both style and substance.

The Wendigo possesses the greedy, the hungry, and the envious - a spirit of famine, scarcity, and selfishness. The Spirit of the Lonely Places - the deserted wilderness of America.

This chilling tale of man's helplessness against forces he cannot understand is sure to keep you guessing til the very end. And after all is said and done, we wonder which was the greater monster - the Wendigo, or the landscape itself?

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